CyberSecurity with passion

Our motivation is to learn something new every day, to constantly improve and to share our experiences with others. To do this, we seek dialogue with other experts in our industry whenever possible. It is important that we never act against our deepest values and convictions. We stand for free access to knowledge and education. We do not recognize differences between people. We stand for free and peaceful coexistence. We support diversity.

In our opinion, this is exactly how it should be on the Internet. Unfortunately, criminals and people with (from our point of view) bad values are on the way here, too. Our mission is to make the digital world a little safer every day and to share our experience with our customers.

“Free access to knowledge and education” – How does that fit together commercially? We also have to live on something… but whenever someone asks, they will get an answer. This is especially aimed at individuals, educational institutions and young people. We are happy to make free access events for you.

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